Mechanical C-Frame Presses and Double Sided Presses Brand OMET Presse s.r.l.

The suitable Press for Your Application

Regarding the product range of Presses Seidel Handling Systeme GmbH offers to their customers an interesting product portfolio, consisting of several product lines of mechanical presses, produced by their partner OMET PResse s.r.l. from Sforzacosta / Italy.

• C-Frame Presses with variable / fix number of strokes / Minute, without gear ratio
• C-Frame Presses with variable / fix number of strokes / Minute, with gear ratio
• Double Sided Presses with automated adjustable stroke, 2 connecting rods,
  with single intermediate control
• Double Sided Presses with fix stroke, 2 connecting rods, with single or double
  intermediate control, also as Link-Drive-Version

The high quality of OMET Presses is assured by

• Design with big safety stock
• high-value materials
• precise heat treatment
• first class manufacture
• very rigid quality controls
• Performance- and safety tests

OMET Presse s.r.l. had been founded in 1979 and has more than 30 years of experience regarding building of presses.

Beside of building of new presses OMET Presse s.r.l. also does press service for mechanical and hydraulic presses of all brands as well as complete press revampings for presses of all brands. 

Seidel Handlingsysteme GmbH exclusively is doing the sales of OMET Presse s.r.l. within Germany. We will be happy to receive your inquiries and we will be available for you for clarification of any questions which you may have.

Please contact us by phone or email.  

Tel.: 0049 2156 419193
Fax: 0049 2156 4979325

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